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8 Self Care Habits Leading Up To Your Big Day!

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Hi, my lovelies. Do you have a big date coming up and want to look and feel your absolute best? You can start a routine that will get your mind and body ready for anything. Below is a list of 8 habits to get started on now and below I’ve got fun examples to help you get it done! This is for you and you and you!!

  1. Stay hydrated - Drink 8 cups of water every day.

  2. Take care of your skin - Step up your game on your skincare routine.

  3. Workout - It has nothing to do with weight, it has everything to do with how it makes you feel. (If you lose weight in the process, cool.)

  4. Hair removal - Not a glamorous subject, but you’ll be so happy you did on your honeymoon or vacation.

  5. Manicure & Pedicure appointments - Show off your ring and feel pretty from head to toe.

  6. Schedule in advance & quickly - Take the stress out by crossing things off your todo list.

  7. Date night - Date night without talking and talking some more about the wedding.

  8. Get some sleep - Easier said than done, but you don't want to be grumpy on your wedding day.

Experts agree that stress can not only ruin a good day, but it can cause headaches, a feeling of being overwhelmed, and irritability. Stress can also lead to long term illnesses and diseases. So, lets get started on healthy habits.

Stay Hydrated - We all know that you’re supposed to drink plenty of water, but sometimes we forget, or don’t feel like it. Well, water will help us glow. Water allows everything inside our bodies to work better. Water helps clear our skin, helps with weight loss, luscious lips, and overall wellness. When you go to a restaurant or drive-thru, ask for water, please. Get a tumbler that you’ll love to carry around with you. Choose something, that represents you!

Below are 2 examples. I love the bride tumbler because it’s so pretty, but I really like the water jug that measures how much I’ve drunk that day. This lets me know if I’m on target for my daily consumption, which also makes me mad because it won’t let me cheat! If you would like more information on the products, click on the images and it will take you to the Amazon product page.

Take Care of your skin - If you already have a routine, keep it up and add to it. Are you exfoliating regularly? Vitamin C is wonderful for your skin, add it to your routine for extra nourishment. If you don’t have a regular routine, there are so many options. These are your basics; wash your face morning and night. Moisturize your skin, add vitamin C, use a different moisturizer for your eyes. Wear sunblock and exfoliate regularly. There are many excellent brands. Check the reviews to see what people say about it. Keep your skin and texture in mind. Is your face naturally oily or dry? Choose products that address those issues.

There was a time in my life when I made good money and spent it on my face. I’ve used expensive brands, then went to Walgreens to pick up a moisturizer because I didn’t have time to go to the mall. I learned that brands sold at the drugstore are great. Try to stick with the same skincare line brand. The scientists and makers of the brands make their cleansers to compliment their moisturizers, which compliment their serums, and so on. So, try to purchase your skincare within the same brand. You can find gems in every brand. The holy grail for some, is not for everyone. Our skin and our location are different, so we have to choose accordingly.

I like Roc eye cream and exfoliator pads. I like the complete line of Loreal and Yves Saint Laurent. Both have very light daily moisturizers which work great on my oily T zone.

Workout - No magic here. Gotta get moving, no less than 30 minutes, 3 times per week or more. If you have a treadmill, get the clothes off it and plug it in. No treadmill? Go outside and start walking. Increase your pace every time you get moving. Commit and be proud of your success. If Yoga is your thing, set a goal, commit, and go for it. Enlist your sister, a bridesmaid, and help each other out.

Hair removal - I’m not talking about buying a razor, I’m talking about a long term hair remover like a cream, waxing, or laser hair removal. I used to go to the salon to get my legs waxed, painful, but worth it! I really liked smooth legs for days. My sister suggested laser hair removal, but I could not justify that much money for my legs. If you do have the funds, you can go to feel pampered and bougie!

I went with a home laser hair remover. There are a ton of options out there and many with great reviews. A laser hair remover is a process to keep hair from growing back. You’ll need several treatments. On me, I found that it started as a slow growth on my legs, underarms, and bikini line. NO MORE bikini razor bumps or regrowth. I Love it. It took about 3-4 months for the regrowth to slow down and about 1 year for regrowth to stop completely. Consistency is the key.

Manicure and pedicure appointments - Show off your engagement ring with manicured nails. Your ring is pretty on its own, but if you can’t stop looking at it and you keep getting asked, “Oh, let me see your ring”, get your nails done. I didn’t get a pedicure every time I got my nails done, only when the polish was chipping. Once I got married I stopped getting my nails done. I just don’t make time to go to the salon. But, I miss it. It made me feel delicate and pretty. If it’s not in your budget, just keep them taken care of and bedazzle them, if you like that sort of thing!

Schedule in advance and quickly - Knowing that you have a long to-do list can be stressful and overwhelming. Get a journal, notebook, phone app, or planner, and get organized. A wedding planner or wedding app is the best way to go because it will keep you on target for what’s next. The planners have wedding to-do lists to make sure that nothing is missed. You won’t need everything that is suggested, but you will definitely not miss or forget anything with a planner or app dedicated to guiding the bride on the wedding day!

Date night - Make some time to spend together without discussing the wedding. It will be a non-wedding decision date. Talk about work, the honeymoon or your latest Netflix show. It gives you a moment to stay connected. This is meant for a non-stress, non-pressure day or evening. Enjoy each other!

Get some sleep - There’s alot to do to get ready for your big day. It may seem like some things can only get done on the week of or the day before, so ask family and friends for help. Get a “day of coordinator” and they will work towards getting your vision done for you. Start early and go to bed on time. Keep your planner next to you in case you need to jot down notes to allow your mind to rest. Try to stay somewhat in your new routine, wash your face, drink water, and work out. This will allow your body and mind to shut down and sleep. You don’t want to be cranky on your big day. Get excited, breath and have the best day EVER! Love you!

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