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Whisper Softly. 5 things to Whisper when falling in love.

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

This is not just for young lovers. These soft words can be used at any time during your relationship. If it is a new relationship, I would just ask that you use them sparingly so that they always have meaning and you get the results that you want. You’re sharing a secret moment.

In 2010, it was discovered that whispering is one of the many triggers of sensory responses especially when a woman whispers. This phenomenon, ASMR, made news headlines after videos on YouTube of people speaking up close to the camera in a soft whisper gave viewers soft tingles.

Timing is everything. The following 5 things to whisper depends on where you are in your relationship. The secret to all of them is to whisper. And, make sure you look good and check your breath. I listed them and below is an example of each scenario.

  1. This is so exciting.

  2. You look handsome.

  3. Thank you for…

  4. I’m falling in love with you.

  5. I’m having the best day!

1. You can say, “this is so exciting” on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd date or a year and more into the relationship. It just has to be meaningful. Plan it for a moment when you’re doing something physical, something with an adrenaline rush or watching an action movie. Don’t use it while watching a Disney movie, it won’t have the same effect. Wait for a moment when you see your loved one laughing and you see a sparkle in their eye or you're both smiling and laughing with excitement. Examples are watching a scary movie or you’re about to get on the roller coaster. Both your hearts will be pumping. They will remember the excitement, the words, and the person that they shared it with.  

2. This one is easy and they’ll love to hear it. I would save and say these words towards the beginning of the date, but not the 1st thing that you say when you see your special person. A good time to whisper these words is when you’ve reached your destination and are walking towards the restaurant or concert. Maybe when they hold the door open for you, as you walk past them, whisper in their ear, “you look handsome”. Your loved one will feel 10 ft tall and proud to be with you and of how you made them feel! 

3. Everyone likes to feel appreciated.  Even if you’ve said thank you before, it's nice to hear it. Not just an, oh thanks, but a, “thanks for dinner, that was a really good choice.” Or, “thanks for listening to me about work, I had a great day and wanted to share it with someone.”  Make them feel valued and appreciated.

4. This one is my favorite. In a semi-crowded place, maybe with a group of friends, possibly waiting in the restaurant to get seated, where it's a bit too loud for a full conversation. Wait until they catch you staring at them, walk over to him/her, lean over (don’t touch him) and whisper, "I’m falling in love with you". Your loved one will melt! You will have sent soft thrill through their bodies. You can smile and just quietly stand next to them until your table is ready. NOT on the 1st date, save this one for the right atmosphere, moment, and person. 

5. You can say “I’m having the best day” anytime! It can be on a date, adventure, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, movie night, or dinner. Be legit about it. You can’t say, "I'm having the best day" after a fight or disagreement. But, if you're having a good day and you guys are having a comfortable quiet moment in the car, say it softly.

Please use the advice given wisely. Use them conservatively and save them for that special person. These words make people fall in love. Only use them on the person that YOU are falling in love with or that you ARE in love with. Use them on a person that deserves your love, attention, and time. If they have shown that you're special to them, then you can unleash these verbal weapons on their soul!

Use them genuinely and passionately!

Once the magic is in place and he pops the question, here's an informative article to elope!

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