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The Symbol that binds you - Zirconium Wedding Band


One of the most exciting and inspiring moments of getting engaged is choosing your rings. We welcome you to Manbolt Jewelry for the best shopping experience for your handsome wedding band. We have many styles and options available that both you and your soon-to-be-bride will fall in love with. 


With many materials to choose from, nothing could be more impressive and captivating than a sleek black Zirconium wedding band. A dashing black band is a genuine way to showcase your devotion to your new bride! Zirconium wedding bands have a perfect combination of tough metal with a stylish sophisticated look. 

For the lovers that enjoy strength, resilience, and a bit of splendid history, Zirconium has it all! During the middle ages, Zircon was thought to induce sleep, promote riches, honor, wisdom, and drive away plagues and evil spirits. In the early 1800s, it was given its name Zirconium, which we still use today.

For couples that thrive on scientific information, Zirconium material is an ideal choice of wedding rings for its durable material and its strong resistance to corrosion.  It’s used in many chemical industries where a certain material is needed to contain or transport chemicals. Zirconium is a natural element that is non-toxic and non-corrosive. The bands are lightweight for everyday use and are completely hypoallergenic. The ring won't bend out of shape over time as precious metals can. The surface is not a coating, but a transformation of the material into a non-ending circular band, therefore a symbol of endless commitment.


Today, the jewelry industry has harnessed the skill of making beautiful Zirconium wedding bands by using diamond cutting tools to score deep into the metal to add a physical dimension to the band itself. The popularity of Zirconium metal is fairly new and modern. It is a stunning choice for anyone looking to set themselves apart from traditional wedding bands. Its unique and creative look provides many variations of styles to fit your look and impress anyone around you. It invokes admiration from those that catch a glimpse of the gorgeous band that unites you to your soul mate.

- by Patty Welch

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Bitter Sweet

The subtle sound of the wind flowed past the backyard hydrangeas and through the porch, barely touching our skin. We were gathered, waiting for the good news. My aunt brought out her delightful lemonade that only she knew how to make. She was very secretive with her ingredients, making it so mysteriously delicious. Not too bitter and just enough sweet. I think she used honey, but I can’t prove it, so we just sit, enjoy and wait. I could faintly hear the wind chimes singing from the closest Oaktree. Uncle Wilbur hand-made it last year. It wasn’t a perfect carving, but we loved it for its unique beauty.  


 I ask grandma if she needs anything. She softly shakes her head. Grandma doesn’t look comfortable, and I realize that my content waiting is a painful and tedious wait for her. Her troubled spirit becomes transparent as she gazes from one family member to the next. I cautiously lean over and ask how she likes her drink. She smiles and softly murmurs, “It’s heavenly.” I realize her glass is still full to the rim. 


As the news comes, we exhale and thoughtfully take in the words we’ve been waiting for. We can rejoice. Granddaddy had been battling for so long and once again, he made it through another surgery. We knew he would because he’s a fighter, but now there’s a long and slow road to recovery. There will be more medicine and machines, but he’s with us for just a bit longer. 


I want to celebrate, but it’s not a good time to shout or cheer. All I know is that excitement and relief streams trickle down my cheeks and splash on my shirt collar. Refreshing blessings pour over us like summer raindrops during mid-July. The lemonade is even sweeter than before. Grandma finally takes a sip. What a breathtaking summer day.

- by Patty Welch

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